Sten Lodge eco Homestay and Dapur Tara Flores Restaurant


Accommodation, restaurant and retreat near Labuan Bajo Komodo on the beautiful Flores island in Indonesia


Sten Lodge eco Homestay
Eco friendly accommodation and retreat

Sten Lodge eco Homestay is located just outside of Labuan Bajo, 30 min from Labuan Bajo Komodo airport. The homestay offers eco friendly accommodation in traditional Bamboo huts. You will experience fresh air, birds singing and pure water from Mbeliling mountain during your stay here. The accommodation is ideal for winding down from the daily rush. You can read, walk, meditate or whatever interests you during your stay.

A delicious breakfast is included in your stay. The breakfast always includes Coffee Manggarai or Herbal Tea, fresh fruits and home made Flores Granola mix. Added to that, are breakfast daily specials. You can order lunch and dinner at Dapur Tara Flores Restaurant. Delicious traditional Flores food prepared over open fire.


Dapur Tara Flores Restaurant
Flores food prepared over open fire

Dapur Tara Flores Restaurant is located within the Sten Lodge area. We are a community based traditional Flores restaurant that specialises in traditional Flores food. The ingredients come mainly from our organic gardens or from our surrounding farmers.

Everything is prepared over wood fire with Love and Smile. You can enjoy Dapur Taras Jungle Breakfast and Jungle Lunch in our garden or in the dining area. If you just passing by, visit us anytime for a Manggarai coffee, Herbal coffee or Herbal tea

We invite small or big groups to enjoy our amazing traditional Flores food in the peaceful surroundings of Pesari Valley


Walking barefoot as healing therapy

How often do you send love to your feet? These precious feet that always support you and carry you through the entire life. Give them the love they deserve by walking around in the natural gardens of Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores.

Wearing shoes every day has made our feet sensitive. Our feet love to be massaged, walking barefoot touching mother earth now and then. Feet are also maps of the human body. Acupressure points in the feet correspond to glands, organs and muscles in our body. Thus, soreness in specific points of the feet reflects imbalance in the corresponding organ, gland or structure of the body.

Walking barefoot on mother earth is a beautiful way to reconnect with the earth element of the natures five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space, and thereby heal us. It is a cure for our disconnection from mother earth. It is like hugging our mother. Barefoot walking is also a good therapy for knee pain, stiffness in the joints, back pain. In addition to that, digestion improves drastically by the acupressure effect of barefoot walking.

At Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores you have the possibility to reconnect to mother earth. Give love and natural massage to your feet. Everything is built with natural materials, stone, bamboo, grass and wood. The paths in the gardens are made with flat stones from our land. The floors in the bamboo huts are made from bamboo. It’s a perfect place for walking barefoot to heal and reconnect to mother nature.

Sten Lodge eco Homestay



The bamboo huts are equipped with mosquito nets for peaceful nights. In addition to that, a portable solar lamp with a charger for mobile phones is available. A delicious breakfast and dinner is included in the price. The balcony give you a beatiful mountain and garden view. You can choose between double bed or twin beds. At Sten Lodge the nights are cool, which give you a pleasant sleep.


Natural Environment

The area within Sten Lodge has organic gardens with vegetables and fruits. You are surrounded by fruit trees and medicinal herbs wherever you walk. The air is pure and everywhere you can hear and watch beautiful birds. You can enjoy your breakfast and dinner outside or in the dining area. During your stay, you can walk around in our organic gardens, relax in one of the hammocks, or in one of the Bale-Bales.


Water is precious – water is healing

At Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores we are privileged regarding water. We have pure water in abundance from Mount Mbeliling. Furthermore, we have two small rivers flowing through our land.

Without water there is no life. The human body contains 60-65% of water, so we should be closely connected with the water element, but are we connected with ourselves? It can help us get to know and feel ourselves better, if we are more connected with water

Many of us, take water for granted, and we use water, without reflecting on how precious it is. Water has so many wonderful properties. In Ayurveda, water is belongs to Kapha dosha. Kapha associates with love and compassion.

In Yoga, water belongs to the second of the seven chakras (energy centres) in the spine. Through this chakra, we connect to the water element, and the aspects of flow, change and sexuality. If we are disconnected from this chakra, we may experience jealousy and guilt. We might also feel shame of our body or sexuality. In addition to that, water is connected with wisdom and intuition.

A pleasant way you can connect to the water element is to sit in silence by water. It can be a waterfall, a lake or a river. Furthermore you can take a mindful shower. Close your eyes and feel how water flows over your body. Then, imagine how it washes away stress and anything that no longer serves you.

At Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores, you have plenty of time to connect with the water element. First you take a mindful shower in the morning. After the shower drink a cup of herbal tea. Eat some juicy fruits from our gardens, and sit by the small river and feel the flow of water.

Dapur Tara Flores Restaurant


Breakfast and Lunch

Jungle lunch
The jungle lunch includes fresh fruits, rice with beans and vegetables with coconut. If you eat chicken, our speciality smoked chicken, is added to that. You can choose between several types of sambals. Not only that, bamboo rice and Herbal coffee are available upon request.

Jungle breakfast
The breakfast always includes Coffee Manggarai or Herbal Tea and fresh fruits and home made Flores Granola mix. Added to that are breakfast daily specials.


Social projects

Under the name Anak Alam Flores, Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores runs several initiatives to increase the education level of primary school children in Flores

We teach and run primary schools in remote villages where no schools are present. In addition to that, we also start up up small libraries in various villages.

Jungle Food Tour

The Jungle Food Tour include two nights accommodation. When you arrive, we perform a traditional welcome ceremony. The second day you will experience an interpretative walk with the local community. A visit to the local cave Liang Kantor is also in the program. In the afternoon you will participate in a cooking class. The cooking class focus on local Manggarai cooking over open fire.

Welcoming with traditional Manggarai music
Traditional welcoming ceremony
Staff welcoming you

Videos recorded at Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores

komodo-id -video-dapur-tara-flores-restaurant-labuan-bajo

Komodo ID visited at Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores in October 2020.

Ibu Novis-video-sten-lodge-eco-homestay-labuan-bajo

Ibu Novis made a video about Sten Lodge eco Homestay in November 2020.


In Kompas TV series Travel Update one episode was dedicated to Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores.


CNN Indonesia made a short documentary about Labuan Bajo where Sten Lodge and Dapur Tara Flores was included.


Sten Lodge eco Homestay and Dapur Tara Flores have received the Indonesian certification of CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environment). Certificate is available on the Indonesia Care website

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Phone: +62 823 4004 5561
WhatsApp: +62 813 3722 9724

Melo, Liang Ndara, Labuan Bajo
West Manggarai Regency, Flores
Nusa Tenggara Timur
86754 Indonesia